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Sony A7R Mark III Quick Review – First Look at Sony’s Updated Mirrorless Camera

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Sony A7R Mark III Quick Review – First Look at Sony’s Updated Mirrorless Camera

Sony recently introduced a new addition to its A7 series of mirrorless cameras, the $3,200 Sony A7R Mark III. Like the previous version of the A7R Mark II, the new A7R Mark III is clearly aimed at professional users.

Sony A7R Mark III Quick Review - First Look to the updated Sony mirrorless camera

Sony A7R Mark III design and specifications

The look, layout of controls and menus on the A7R Mark III will be familiar to all Sony Alpha A7 and A9 owners. Sony has created an interesting design for its second-generation cameras and is not backing down on that in its third. The most notable updates are that there are now a few more options in the menu, and a joystick has appeared on the back panel.

Sony A7R Mark III design

Although the Sony A7R Mark III uses the same 42.4 megapixel full frame sensor, the hardware has been completely redesigned. A new autofocus system has been added, image stabilization has been improved, and the shooting speed has become much faster and now reaches 10 frames per second.

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Sony A7R Mark III specifications

But despite the improved battery life, the new Mark III lags behind professional-grade DSLRs that offer twice the exposure on a single charge.

In-body (5.5 stops)

For the new camera, Sony has released a new lens costing 1299 (76,000 rubles) – FE 24-105mm with a constant aperture of f/4 and optical image stabilization. At 0.66kg, it is the lightest full-frame 24-105mm f/4 lens around 0.23kg lighter than Canon’s counterpart.

Camera performance

Sony A7R Mark III performance

One of the most useful features of the A7R Mark III is Eye AF, when enabled, the camera recognizes the subject’s eyes and sets the focus window directly on them. The results are amazing.

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