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Aston Martin DBS Guide

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Then the engine began to die. After this incident I realized that in reverse, the beha does not move very well. Bottom line: constant glitches lead to a flashing of the brain. cost: 85 kosygins to Uncle Vova at the service station "Lyudmila". But you get great pleasure from driving! Rushing as it should, the road keeps perfectly! I went, I met a guy on a veyron, on caps, with a flasher and for some reason with only one tinted glass, the rest were painted black. 8 to hundreds. Candles, high-voltage wires, ignition coil, injector flushing. count money already
Stopped, I don’t remember how much. depressing. I took the girls to the vykhino, no worse than on the prospect of testers, for 300, got the prescribed dose of adrenaline and moved towards the house. Torque 570/5000. Brother! And the chicks from the locals don’t really console, there’s no outlet! So I advise those whose choice fell on this car: take it without hesitation and never part with it. He cracked the district heifers about the future purchase even before the first exam! The girls squeaked, promised friendship and much more (looking ahead, I’ll say that girls should not be trusted). You will often have to spend nights in the garage with beer and tools! , which entailed expenses in the amount of 35 thousand for the clutch release, 25 basket, 40 disk, 15 for work. Now the task before me was the following: not to get into the academic school, which means to get a legitimate state assessment and that’s all, DBS on the basis. But the trunk is 450 liters: 3 cases of beer and a barbecue fit with a bang! But constant minor breakdowns pissed me off in the behe. After viewing. Fortunately, the guys took a little, the locals, they know me for a long time, respect. Further electronics: to drive on our roads, in principle , on it you can. the clearance is 105 mm, for the center of our city "N" will do, but when I had to get out on the alleys or in the yards, the guys thought that they were climbing Everest by car. 25.01.2010 Good afternoon everyone! I dedicate my story to a dream car, I dreamed about it for a long time, James Bond did his job, advertised the car correctly. Acceleration is worse. I compared it with the beha. because I drove mainly on it.

Aston Martin DBS Guide

Good afternoon everyone! I dedicate my story to a dream car, I dreamed about it for a long time, James Bond did his job, advertised the car correctly. I had my car in February. Father, a rich and generous man, but he knows how to count money, he set tough conditions: he promised to give money, but only at the end of the session. What you need. six steps
mechanics help to control the car totally. "I listened to everything, believed, as it turned out for good reason! As soon as I got into my Aston, I realized that this was the best thing I had been sitting in before. I took a new one, in the cabin: everything is as it should, the wheels are stuffed, the torpedo shines, the plastic is of course harsh, but even my friend liked it, and believe me, he is picky about plastic, he chooses a car based on this indicator. DMRV for replacement, put Foltsovsky for 9 pieces-original, ordered at the district service, went in like a glove. Passing by my ex, I miss and get upset. now it flaunts three Olgas and a scratch on the right door. The engine of the beha is weaker. All! The rest is provided by the design! The manager crucified: “hand-built engine, all 517 mares are tearing as they should, the boys at the traffic lights will swallow the dust from under the wheels. Bi-xenon helps on the highway, rotary foglights do not allow to drive to the side of the road, a cruising speed of 190 km helped to get to the house in 6 hours, without stops, a slop bucket, unfortunately, there is no slop in the car, but getting out of such beauty as needed is really not hunting! The reason for my sale of this car is banal. like many students, problems began with the session due to the constant shirking and picking up budget girls on Potapov Street. his father took away his favorite toy and sold it to a cop living next door. From additional options took skunk on deflectors. Total: 115 from my snout. After watching the movie, I decided – I take it! My father’s 6 (of course, BMW, and not the one you immediately thought of) was already fed up, and indeed, the idea of ​​​​changing a car came immediately after Misha Diesel’s ninth tore me on the street of grebalev buildings by 5. Well, enough about these nonsense, now about how he took it and what sensations he experienced. In short, he crossed himself and sold it in figs! Aston was driven into the garage in the evenings, where he was repaired by local boys in case of breakdowns , which, as it turned out, were not few (which upset me, because I sold the 6k precisely because of breakdowns.)! that is why it is a car for a real man.

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