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The Complete Guide To Build A Calendar App In 2021

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For instance, your calendar can use Force Touch or 3D Touch. Moreover, you can include Geolocation in the events. Moreover, for business requirements, it should provide sync with iCloud and Google.

  • An in-app calendar increases the functionality of the app and serves a better user experience.
  • Sign up for a 14-day free trial – no credit card required.
  • This is how others can click on the link to attend a meeting with you.
  • In the Calendar pane, select the date on which you want the event to occur.
  • It is useful for those who need just a basic calendar app for storing important events, appointments, holidays etc.

A dropdown could be created to choose the number of days. Yes, this calendar example will already work for multiple days of employee leave. These pushes calendar invite to the users and organizer. The next feature we want to add is the ability for an employee to edit a training event. When the employee clicks on an event a pop-up menu will appear. Once the user is done making changes they click the OK button to submit them to SharePoint.

People worldwide are becoming busier with time, and it has become difficult to balance work and leisure. Most of today’s applications have an in-built calendar app. It is pretty dicey to develop a calendar app from any temporary memory storage. Streaming apps also use in-app calendars to help users check out chat shows, live interviews, one-time presentations, and scheduled broadcasts. In a parking app, users can discover a place by booking the time and date using the in-app calendar.

How To Build A Calendar App: Tips & Techniques

If you have more than one calendar, select the destination calendar to store your new event. If you have more than one calendar, select the calendar to store your event. The blog has discussed how to make your own calendar app, whether through Apple or Android Calendar App Development Process. For further queries, you may contact the expert team of CMARIX, a Mobile App Development Company Los Angeles. SuperSaaS API allows the developers to add online scheduling and send reminders on particular dates. There are other calendar APIs also available to create a brilliant calendar app.

Maybe the most potential functionality that online calendars presently offer is utilizing the natural language for adding and editing calendar entries. Scheduling applications like Voice Calendar and Calendar have executed this feature successfully. Users can also set up a chat or schedule their messages at a specific time on Telegram. If you’re not interested in creating a calendar from scratch, there are hundreds of calendar templates for Google Sheets online.

Libraries To Develop A Calendar App

Sign up for a 14-day free trial – no credit card required. But because neither is designed for calendar use, you’ll have to build out the calendar yourself. My conflict as well as recurring booking is working. However, it does show my events in the right locations on my calendar – beautifully.

Real estate professionals manage more listings with Copper. Recurrence is not something I have done yet but I would look into using the Outlook connector and its Create Event feature. This would eliminate any work needed to recreate functionality that already exists. I’ve also checked all my source fields to ensure they are exactly as you asked us to set up and they are. Below ‘Edit Event’ insert another label with the text ‘Title’ and a text input called txt_Event_Title beside it.

make a calendar app

The tech stack of your application is one of the most crucial parts. You must select the technologies that will ensure the flexibility of your app in the near future. Time management has become one of the major challenges in people’s daily lives in today’s fast world.

Displaying Events On The Calendar

Name the date picker dte_Event_EndDate and the dropdown drp_Event_EndDate. Use this code in the Default property of the date picker to show the start date. We are using an IF function here to show today’s date instead when a new event is being added . Write this code in the Items property of gal_Calendar_Events to filter on only the current day’s events.

Just be sure the date that you add in each cell corresponds to the weekday it falls on. For our monthly calendar, we’ve selected 7 x 6, to account for weekends, and the month ending and beginning midweek. Feel free to adjust this according to your own needs. Could you give a tip about what should be placed in the Items property of the drp_Event_StartTime dropdown?

make a calendar app

EventKit helps the users to access the calendar data. This way, the users find it easy to create and edit events in the app. Apple offers different interfaces to add to your application.

Setting Up Reminders

Finally, click on the Save button to create your new event and save the changed options. Specify the start and end times for the event, or check the All day option. Calendarific API helps the developers to add different public holidays to the app. As we have already seen, various industries benefit from using the in-app calendar. Now, the blog will guide you on how to make your own calendar app. A trained designer can produce an engaging interface with straightforward and easy navigation.

make a calendar app

Create a cancel and icon place it in the top-right corner of the menu. Add a label with the text ‘Start Date’ and a Date Picker named dte_Event_StartDate to the right of it. Now we will begin to create the contents of the form. Start by adding a label with the text ‘Edit Event’.

It’s good to help users select various styles or convert the event’s color. Moreover, Google Calendar enables users to invite others for joining events. Windows 10 has a Calendar app pre-installed out of the box. Occasionally, it receives updates from the Microsoft Store. It is useful for those who need just a basic calendar app for storing important events, appointments, holidays etc. The field of logistics needs the use of a calendar to schedule shipping.

A common use for a calendar app is to display company events. In this example, we will use a calendar to show when a company is holding employee training. The application aids reminder set up to prevent users from missing crucial deadlines and meetings. This is a benefit of an online calendar compared to a paper one.

Power Apps Calculate Business Days Excluding Weekends & Holidays

Choosing the right tech tools for entrepreneurs or small businesses doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here’s our list of the technologies you need to thrive from make a calendar app the start. Try us free for 14 days to see how we make it easy to stay connected with your customers and make the most of all your Google Workspace apps.

With Copper inside Calendar, you can access event details, participant information and other materials without leaving Google Calendar or switching tabs. With the Copper Chrome Extension, you can access Copper data right from your Google Calendar and Gmail. So you never have to break your workflow to get more information about a person or account. When you’re done, the text boxes will automatically change when you adjust the text within.

The Ultimate Guide To Develop A Calendar App

Next, we will create the pop-up form by making two new labels. The first label called lbl_Event_Clickshield will be the size of the entire screen. Its purpose is to prevent the user from clicking anything while the pop-up is open. We also want to apply styling to gal_Calendar_Events so the events appear nicely formatted on the calendar. You can also make your eventPrivate by clicking on thepadlock icon on the toolbar. This will hide the event from other users with whom you share the destination calendar.

Changing a “No” to “In Progress” will change the cell from red to yellow. This will give you a quick snapshot of the information within your calendar. Access all your CRM data directly from Google Calendar and Gmail.

Google and Apple provide lots of APIs for integrating into a calendar application. Travel and bookings platforms also use in-app calendars to provide their services. From displaying available dates to the booked dates for flight reservations, several ways are there to use an in-app calendar. The healthcare industry uses in-app calendars for different reasons, like medicine intake timings, appointment booking with doctors, etc. Also, the calendar is used for tracking physical activities to fetch the right statistics at a specific time and planning training sessions.

Many people select Google calendar to manage their programs. Google has created detailed documentation on Android Calendar App Development and how to incorporate the calendar into your app. You can integrate calendar API with both Mobile and Web applications. Google Calendar API allows the users to view, create, and edit events on the calendar. The documentation also describes the strategies to incorporate libraries for various programming languages, for example, Java, PHP , Ruby, JavaScript, etc. Apple provides several tools for building or integrating a calendar app.

If you have multiple calendars, select the calendar to store your new event. You must incorporate some interesting features to have more users. You may offer a customizable calendar to make the app more engaging and user-friendly. Let the users participate in editing the calendar on different events.

Make an add icon and a label with the text ‘Add Event’. Position them in the top right corner of the calendar. The Mail and Calendar apps help you stay up to date on your email, manage your schedule and stay in touch with people you care about the most. Designed for both work and home, these apps help you communicate quickly and focus on what’s important across all your accounts. Supports Office 365, Exchange,, Gmail, Yahoo! and other popular accounts. Also, you can make Windows 10 Calendar show national holidays.

Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. GitHub offers users several libraries depending on Apple or Android Calendar App Development. Pratik Patel is Sr. iPhone Developer at MindInventory, his personality and key interest falls in imaginative and strategic thinkers.

Since this is in a Google Doc, you also have the freedom to add whatever notes, images or other media you think is important. You can also add dates, notes or other relevant details you want to keep track of. This is where you can really see the benefit of creating a calendar in Google Docs. Now that you have the skeleton of your calendar created, you’re ready to get creative. While we’re going to create a monthly calendar for the sake of this guide, you can start with whatever time period you need.

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